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 Transferring files in Cute FTP.
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This tutorial will show you how to transfer files to and from your server using Cute FTP. Let's start by connecting to our site via Site Manager. Select the site to which you wish to connect and click Connect. As you can see, we are connected to the site. Now browse to locate the files on your local computer. Go to your site files on the server. Depending on your server's configuration, the files could be in a directory called public_html or httpdocs or www or public or something similar. You're doing great so far! Now locate the files that you would like to transfer to server. You may upload multiple files by highlighting the first file that you wish to upload and while holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, highlight the last file you wish to upload. There are a few ways to transfer the selected files. You can simply drag and drop the files over to the remote server or you may click on the Upload button on the toolbar. You will be prompted if you are uploading any files that already exist on the server. It is a similar procedure for downloading files from the server. One more thing to consider when transferring files is transfer mode. It is important to ensure it's done in the proper mode. For example, files in jpg, gif, exe and zip format should transferred in binary mode. Files in html, php, cgi and pl format should always be transferred in ASCII mode. Fortunately, Cute FTP is able to automatically detect file type and transfers a file accordingly. However, you do have the option to manually select ASCII or Binary mode. You are now able to transfer files to and from your server using Cute FTP.
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