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 Configuring Sites in Cute FTP.
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This tutorial will show you how to configure your site in Cute FTP. Let's start by opening up your Site Manager. This is where you create, modify and delete all your sites. Let's create a new folder to hold your new site. Right-click and select New Folder. Enter the name of your new folder. Great. Now let's create a new site to put into your new folder. Name the new site whatever you like. This is for your reference only and need not follow any required format. So far so good... Now enter the Host Name or IP Address. If your site DNS has fully propagated, you may enter where is replaced with your actual domain name. If DNS has yet to propagate, enter the IP address provided to you by your web host in Welcome email. Enter the username and password provided to you in your Welcome email. Note: If you are using the Ensim control panel, enter [email protected] instead of just your account name. Well, that's was easy, wasn't it? Now let's see how to modify the site we just created. You can specify the directory that you would like to automatically open when connecting to your site. The root directory will be called something like public_html or httpdocs or www, depending on server configuration. Similarly, you can set a default local directory. And finally, let's see how to delete a site. Well done! You are now able to create, modify and delete sites in Cute FTP.
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