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 Setting your preferences in Cute FTP.
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This tutorial will show you how to set your preferences in Cute FTP. Let's open up the Setting dialogue box. It is recommended that many of the default settings in Cute FTP are left unchanged, as they are optimally set by the manufacturer. However, there are a few we can take a look at... For instance, you may choose the default screen you would like to see whenever you launch Cute FTP. You can manage the transfer mode used when transferring files. You can set it to ASCII or Binary, or simply leave it on Auto-detect, and let Cute FTP determine which mode to use depending on the file type. This settings in Display are pretty self-explanatory and are purely a matter of what look, feel and sound you prefer. For instance, you may select colors for various elements in the Cute FTP interface or set your preference in fonts or sounds (this one can be fun) or prompts. Its is recommended that you do not uncheck any of these. Many of them will prompt you double-checking that you actually want to do something that may be. Well, that's pretty much It! Over time, as you get more familiar with the features and functions of Cute FTP, you will have a better idea for how you would like it to look, feel and function.
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