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 Managing Sites in Cute FTP.
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This tutorial will show you how to manage your site in Cute FTP. Let's start by creating a new folder (directory). Give the directory a name. Now let's rename the directory we just created. Right-click and select Rename. And finally, let's see how to delete the directory. In Cute FTP, you can view the contents of files without having to download them. The last thing we will cover in this tutorial is how to set file permissions. As an example, when installing scripts in your site (eg. a guestbook), you may be asked to set file permissions. More often than not, it will be a file in your cgi-bin (not always, though). Select the file for which you wish to set permissions (CHMOD). You can check off the boxes individually or simply enter the permission setting eg., 755. Well done! You are now able to easily manage your files in Cute FTP.
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