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This tutorial will show you how to install Zencart. Before you proceed, make sure you have access to a MySQL database and the username and password to that database. OK, let's start by uploading all the files to the site. We will create a new folder and call it store. Now upload all the files to this new folder. Browse to 2 files - /store/includes/dist-configure.php and /store/admin/includes/dist-configure.php. Rename both of them to configure.php and CHMOD them to 777. Repeat this process for the second file. Now change permissions on the following directories to 777: 
  • /store/cache, 
  • /store/images
  • /stores/includes/languages/english/html_includes
  • /store/media, /store/pub
  • /store/admin/backups
  • /store/admin/images/graphs

And finally, CHMOD 777 all subdirectories (and their subdirectories) inside /store/images/. It's now time to run the installer. Point your browser to your store eg., You will need to agree to the Terms And Conditions. The installer now examines your server for compliance with the technical requirements for running Zencart. If you see any red errors, you will need to address them before continuing. All looks OK so click to start the installation. Most default settings will be acceptable here, but double check them for accuracy. Specify if you wish to have phpBB forum software installed on your site. Again, the default settings are usually fine, but double check them to be sure. Enter the details of the MySQL database that you have already set up prior to installation of Zencart. Enter store setup information. Don't worry, you can always edit this later. You can optionally select to install demo data to familiarize yourself with many of the examples that explain and demonstrate the features in Zencart. And finally, create and admin username and password. As you can see, installation was successful. You can now point to to see your new store. You can also point to to start configuring and managing your new store. Don't forget to reset the permissions of the config files so that they are no longer writeable. Do the same for the other configure.php file. The last thing you should do is delete the install folder. Otherwise, if someone runs the installer again, it will wipe out any content you add to your store. You have successfully installed Zencart.

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