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This tutorial will show you how to edit your home page content in Zencart. We will also see how to change the text in the header. Note that this change will reflect site-wide on all pages. Let's Start by opening header.php in any text editor. You will find this file in includes/languages/english/. This is where we can edit the text in the header. Important: If you are using your own template, be sure to upload this file to that directory - eg., includes/languages/english/YOURTEMPLATE/. As well, if using your own template, save a copy of english.php from includes/languages/ to includes/languages/YOURTEMPLATE/. Now open index.php in any text editor. You will find this file in includes/languages/english. Locate the blocks of text that you wish to edit or delete. Highlight the text and either delete it or replace it with text of your choice. Either way, be sure not to delete any other part of the variable. Repeat the process for any other text on the page. Again, if you just wish to delete the text, be sure to leave the quotation marks intact. After making all your changes, save the file and upload it to your site. OK, let's refresh the page to see the changes. Perfect! As you can see, we have successfully edited the header slogan as well as some of the home page content. Note: This part of the page is edited in the Define Pages Editor in your Store Admin Area. Important: In order to edit page content using the Define Pages Editor, you must first be sure to set all files in includes/languages/english/html_includes/ to writable. If setting CHMOD, set it to 777. Select the file you wish to edit. As you can see, the content is displayed as raw source code. If you feel more comfortable in an HTML WYSIWYG format, go ahead and switch to HTML. Go ahead and make any changes you like. You can use the built in fully featured text editor to easily format the content. Save the changes when you're done. Important: If using your own template, you will want to also save a copy of any html_area files to includes/languages/english/html_includes/YOURTEMPLATE/. Let's take a look at the site to see the changes. Let's refresh the page, Good job! As you can see, we have successfully edited the home page content in Define Pages Editor. This concludes the tutorial on editing your home page. 
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