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 Configuring your store in Zencart - Online Store Front with Zencart.
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This tutorial will show you how to configure your store in Zencart. As you can see, you are able to configure many settings. Start with your store settings. Most of these settings would have already been configured when you ran the installation wizard. To edit any item, click to highlight it, then click to edit. After making changes, click to update. You can continue down the list to configure your store settings as you wish. Once your store settings are done, feel free to configure any other settings. For instance, you can configure Minimum Values. These are the minimum number of characters allowed for things like fist name, last name, etc. Similarly, you can set Maximum Values. In Images, you can set parameters such as maximum width, height, etc. Well you get the idea. Continue down the list to ensure you edit any values required to customize your store. 
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