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1) - #1 Selling Repo Site!
Repo Boats, Rv's, Buses, Motorcycles & more! Landing Pages for Each Category - from the team!

2) Cars & Homes.
Bargains That Convert. Period.

3) Brand New Site:
Best Conversion Ratio Ever! Best Tracking System On CB! Just sign Up and it Works! Increased Payouts!

4) The Simple Golf Swing.
eBook for a repeatable and Simple Golf Swing that provides power, accuracy and consistency.

5) Rmv Records Lookups.
Driving and Criminal Search Profits.

6) Icarfinder.Com: Highest Paying Site.
at $22.25 it is the highest paying auction site + highest (referred: 92.0% we do not steal your traffic!

7) - Get Paid To Drive!
Drive a free new car or get paid up to $3200 every month to drive your own car like you normally do. Great Conversions + 75% Aff.

8) Government And Police Auctions.
Seized cars from $100, boats, real estate, collectibles and jewelry. Government and police auctions online. Affiliates Earn 75%

Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Bodyweight workouts.

10) Auto Bargains - 75% For You.
Easy sale, low refunds. Fast loading site. Make cash now!

11) Auto Auction Center.
Best Conversions Ever- Pays %50 Per Sale. Easy Ppc Sales!

12) The Vertical Project.
Why Increase Your Vertical Leap by 6-12 Inches, When You Can Double It?

13) Golf Tips, Golf Lessons- How To Break 80.
How to Break 80 is an instructional guide for golfers looking to get the best golf tips, golf lessons and golf instruction.

14) CarAuctionSources! - Auctions 75% Comm.
Government Auction vehicle sources. Affiliates: We have some awesome banners and a cool new search box for your page!

15) Golf Options: Hit Fairways Your Way.
New Golf System that Explains How Setup and Swing Factors Affect Ball Flight and Solutions to Common Golf Problems.

16) Beat My Speeding Ticket.
Proven Legal Strategies to Fight and Beat Speeding Tickets.

17) From Skinny To Muscular!
How to gain 30-50 pounds for the skinny person.

18) The Dave Way.
Destroy your Golf Slice in a matter of Minutes using this Revolutionary New System! Success Guaranteed. Sports & Recreation.

Innovative weight training eBooks, covering rapid fat loss, muscle building, unique new exercises and powerful training programs.

20) Play Golf Free And Get Paid To Play!
Discover the secret to play free golf and get paid up to $897 a week for playing! Without being a scratch player.

21) Affordable Automobiles Hot Nich Market!
Finally the Ultimate website to find Seized and Repossesed Vehicles and more! Easy ppc Sales!

22) Get Your Federal Firearms License 2006.
New 2006 Ffl Kit to Help you get your Federal Firearms License and Buy Guns Wholesale. We Are A Licensed Dealer.

23) Golf Fitness Guide.
Easy tips and techniques to quickly transform your game and add 20 yards to your drives!

24) Get Paid 2 Drive Your Car W/ An Ad On It.
Earn $500 /mo Driving your Car w/ an Advertisement on it. Or get a Brand New Car w/ an Ad already on it. Affiliates Earn 60%

25) Golf Swing Eureka! Groundbreaking & New.
A golfer reveals how he discovered an aspect of the golf swing known by only 1% of Golfers and knocked 30 shots off his round.

26) Total Soccer Fitness.
Complete guide to soccer conditioning. Huge potential market (all soccer coaches & players) Very little competition. Pays 50%

27) Go Up Strong!
Increase Your Vertical and Teach Yourself to Dunk in a Matter of Days using this Revolutionary New System!

28) Cheap Car Auto Auctions.
The Highest Conversion Rates!Low refunds, $22 per sale!

29) Tri Swim Coach.
Swimming help for the beginning through intermediate-level triathlete. The Complete Guide To Triathlon Swimming.

30) Free Car Finder.
Free Car Finder, Highest conversion, You Earn $20.06 per sale! Highest Cpc!

31) Free Car Company.
New Car or $3200/m driving you car with Ads on it can be Yours. CB Affiliates Now Earn 75%

32) Largemouth Bass Extreme.
Top Secret Techniques Of The Professionals Exposed. Highest Conversion Rate In The Outdoor Marketplace. 75% Commissions.

33) Lightning Speed Fitness Program.
If You've Got 15 Minutes And A Floor. I Guarantee You'll Burn Fat And Build Muscle Without Lifting Weights!

34) Trout Fishing Secrets.
Trout Fishing Secrets Revealed - How to Catch A Trout Everytime: When Spinner Fishing Your Favorite Stream Or River!

35) Traffic Ticket Secrets.
Learn The Inside Secrets Others Have Used To Easily Beat A Speeding Ticket!

36) - Free Car Location Site.
We show customers how it is possible to actually get sponsored to drive. (High paying program - We welcome Affiliates!

Improve Your Speed, Strength, Agility and Quickness.

38) Quick And Easy Beginners Bodybuilding.
Learn From A Bodybuilding And Fitness Veteran, And Start Making The Best Muscle Gains Of Your Life. Guaranteed!

39) Sheriff Auctions - Government Auctions.
Buy vehicles from Sheriff Auctions in all 50 States at the lowest possible price.

40) How To Buy & Sell Cars For Profit!
Make $21.00 - $27.00 selling the best eBook on how to buy and sell cars for profit! See affiliate link instructions on my site.

41) Brand New Car Site! Easy Ppc Sales!
Best Conversion Ratio Ever! Money Maker! 75%

42) Adventures Into The Unknown!
Unique Gold Prospecting eBooks, treasure guides for Explorers, Treasure Hunters & Prospectors.

43) 911buyers Guide.
Porsche 911 buyers guides.

44) Get Paid To Play Golf!
PaidToGolf reveals how to play Free golf and get paid to play.

45) - Get Paid To Drive!
Best Conversion Ratio - 75% Per Easy Sale - Low Refunds!

46) Choose Cars - Cheap New And Used Cars.
Cheap New and Used Car Auctions - Seized Cars.

47) Fight And Beat Your Speeding Ticket.
The simple and proven defense strategy guaranteed to beat any speeding ticket. 75% commission & great conversions.

48) Government Auctions -Hot Conversion.
Supernatural conversions! Send real estate and Car auction traffic, Maximum performance!

49) Insider Tennis Strategies And Tactics.
Improve your tennis game with insider strategies of the top players.

50) Gov-Auctions: Gov't Auction Listings.
Professional Graphics + High Conversion = Big Affiliate Profits.

51) Horse Racing Handicapping.
Stop Losing at the Track. Don't Place Another Bet Without Reading This Important Information!

52) Car Leasing Kit And Guide.
Comprehensive car leasing kit and leasing guide for smart automotive consumers.

53) Inner Secrets Of Martial Arts Success.
Little known martial art techniques and training methods.

54) Deer Hunting Secrets.
Discover the Closely Guarded True Secrets of Master Hunters.

55) Blast Your Bench Chest Workout Program.
How To Add Up To 50 Pounds On Your Max Bench Press In Only 3 Weeks!

56) Horse Riding Made Easy.
Beginner's Guide to Horseback Riding.

E-Books Showing People How To Become A Ninja & Related Martial Arts Books.

58) Car Buying Scams.
Excellent Conversion 50% payout sign up at: and get an email notice for every sale!

59) Soccer Drills And Soccer Practice Plans.
soccer drills (300) and soccer practice plans (40) for kids, youth, competitive and indoor soccer. Download-Print-Practice!

60) The No Bull Collection.
The world's fastest growing online bodybuilding and anabolic steroids magazine.

61) Golf Tournament Planning Etoolkit.
Serving Golf Tournament Planners Worldwide!

62) Goverment & Police Auction Database.
Directory of when & where Government & Police Auctions take place. Purchase Merchandise at 80% off Retail. Affiliates Earn 60%

63) Rocketman Sports.
Rocketman Sports is among the leaders in Sports Handicapping today! Members have averaged over 180 units for the past 5.

64) Bionic Jumping Power.
Scientific training for rapidly increasing vertical jump & how to make equipment like jumpsoles & medicineball. Must See!

65) No More Leg Muscle Strains.
Finally. The First Practical Guide, To Help You Be Free of Muscle Strains.

66) Rver's Guide To Dump Stations.
A comprehensive directory of public dump stations across the United States.

67) Get A Free New Car Plus Get Paid.
Drive a free new car or get paid monthly to drive your own car.

68) Winning Volleyball Skills.
Discover How To Play Or Coach A Killer Game Of Volleyball.

69) Secret Fish Bait Formulas Revealed.
Make Your Own Fish Bait to Catch More & Bigger Trout, Catfish, and Carp.

70) Racing Secrets.
Information on finding a Nascar job, finding sponsors and engine tips.

71) Lost Baseball Secrets.
Learn the lost power home run secrets of Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle.

72) Build Your Own Bankers Dory Boat.
Do-It-Yourself plans to build a 16' Grand Banks Dory.

73) Betting Systems - Great Gambling Systems.
Gambling Systems And Strategy Tips For Online Sports Betting, Internet Horse Racing & Casino. New Arbitrage Betting Software.

74) Mind Tennis.
Dominate The Mental Game of Tennis. 50% to Affiliates.

75) From The Ground Up:HowToShoot In The 70s.
Revolutionary new golf method that works on the premise of teaching the key Elements in the proper order.

76) Rv Education 101.
Rv related e-books to include: Rv Checklists, Towing.

Drive a new car for free or get paid up to $3200 a month to drive your own car! (Affiliates earn 65%

78) Used Rv Buyers Guide.
Secret methods and inspection hints used by professional Rv appraisers.

79) Nordic Walking Step By Step.
Nordic Walking Step by Step - the first English language book published on the subject of Nordic Walking.

80) Sandbag Strength.
Hot selling fitness program for athletes, weight loss and strength training.

81) Rod & Reel Repair Business.
How To Start Your Own Rod & Reel Repair Business.

82) Instant 6 Pack.
The Ultimate Abs Flattening System Found Online!

83) Breakthrough Golf!
Shoot the lowest scores of your life using the secrets of professionals.

84) Golf Fitness Experts.
Golf exercises, mental strategies, and swing instruction from 7 leading golf experts.

85) Street Fighting Secrets For Self Defense.
Internet's Most Hardcore Fighting Guides - Affiliates Usually Have A 5% Sales Conversion - Easy To Sell!

86) Marshal Auctions - Seized Cars Cheap.
Buy late-model cars and trucks for pennies on the dollar from Us Marshal Auctions in all 50 states. Drug dealers lose, you win.

87) Dumbbell Routines & Exercises.
Dumbbell Exercises and Lifting Routines To Help You Gain More Muscle, Lose Weight, or Just Get Yourself in Better Physical Shape.

88) The Two Critical Adjustments.
Two Absolutely Critical Adjustments To Stop You From Swinging Over The Top, And Start Hitting The Ball Where You Aim Guaranteed.

89) Strength Training For Females.
Great resource for all sports/fitness sites.

90) Killer Chess Strategies.
Promote One Of the Longest Running and Highest Converting eBook on Chess Strategies Ever! Plus over $240 in Bonuses!

91) Sure Victory- Fitness Bootcamp Workouts.
Boot Camp Fitness E-Book-How to Design Fitness Boot Camp Workouts that blast Fat,How to Profit from Fitness Bootcamps,

92) OffRoad GoKart Plans 6 Designs.
Offroad gokart Plans. Detailed photos and drawings. Instant Access - We show you everything - Make 30% on Every Sale!

93) Rv
Quality online assistance for buying a new or used Rv, purchase publications to help you along your buying adventure.

94) Auto Repair Scams Revealed.
Auto repair shop owner finally reveals insider secrets that will prevent you from being scammed by your mechanic.

95) Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team.
Youth soccer coaching book of over 100 drills, and exercises for beginning and experienced youth soccer coaches.

96) Bass Fishing Secrets.
Catch more and bigger bass immediately. We Guarantee it!

97) Secret Science Of Arabian Horse Training.
This is an instruction guide on how to train your horse using the exact training methods the ancient Arabians used.

98) Auction Advanced- New & Converting Fast!
AuctionAdvanced is Quickly becoming the Hottest selling Auction site today! Awesome conversions on Google, Overture & Msn!

99) Stop Slicing.
The best information ever written about the Golf Slice. This book will teach you a simple method to hit the ball like a pro.

100) Long Lost Fly Fishing Secrets.
Discover original tips and techniques from early fly fishing masters and classics
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