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Title: The Mojo Witch Blog
Description: Madrina Angelique is a Tarot Reader and practitioner since 1972. She is also Madre Nganga of Munanso Centella Ndoki Nkuyo Malongo Corta Lima Cordosa and Iyalorisha of Ile Ori Yemaya. Born and raised in rural Georgia, Madrina Angelique has immersed herself in the study and practice of traditional southern hoodoo since childhood. An encounter with Baron Samedi at a young age placed her on the path of bringing honesty and education to the practice of hoodoo. A deep love of the south and it's culture brings authenticity and detail to her work. All items by Madrina Angelique are cleansed, blessed and charged with a unique magical quality only a true practitioner can give.
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The Mojo Witch Blog
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