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A boy with Asperger’s

Category: United Kingdom Personal and Diary Blogs 
Title: A boy with Asperger’s
Description: Aspergers (AD) from a mother’s view.


I’m a mum of two fantastic children. My little girl is nearly 6 and my son is 8 years old. Like every mum my children are my world. I want the best for them and worry none stop about them. A year ago i was told that my son could have Aspergers. At last somebody was listening to my concerns about my child. It had been a long and hard battle. His school and GP at the time was offering no support and i was becoming very down and depressed. The fact that my son would not sleep didn’t help as i slept when he did which was not very often. Then would come the task of getting him to school. He would scream, kick, punch. It would take hours to dress him as he would strip back down saying he didn’t like the fell of his clothing against his skin. And when he comes home from school it starts all over again. Dinner would need to be set out on different plates with a knife and fork for each item of food. If any food comes into contact with each other he will refuse to eat it. Bedtime well don’t get me started! So to have someone tell me there was nothing wrong with my parenting skills was a huge relief. Yes i was upset that my son had a form of autism. But now i could learn more about it and by doing this i could make life that little bit more easier for him. It’s been a whole year and we still attend kaledoscope. But life is better. We have bad days but we get though them. I just want to share my amazing boy with the world as well as rise awareness. If your a parent of a child who has Aspergers or you have Aspergers or know anyone with it. I would love to hear your views on the blog or if i can help with anything just leave me a comment and i will get back to you.

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A boy with Asperger’s
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