What can we say about the florist in Singapore?

What can we say about the florist in Singapore?

Singapore Florist?

Florists being one of the most important businesses in Singapore. The reason mainly because, in this country, all Singaporean love flowers! Furthermore, in addition to this, having flower arrangements for different types of events or important dates is a traditional practice that shows a lot of the Singaporean culture.

A few years ago, specifically in 2018, a group of 150 community gardeners, volunteers, and students, facilitated by National Parks Board (NParks) staff, gathered to make the world’s largest flower basket a Guinness World Record-setting display over 12 days. [ Discovering Floral Art ]

Why is floristry so relevant in Singapore?

The truth is that flowers make up a very important part of the culture in Singapore. As Singaporeans understand that giving and receiving flowers is something that can bring many emotional joy and benefits, which can also help improve daily mood, relationships and people's attitude.

Also, giving and receiving flowers is still a very special act, even if it comes from strangers since it creates a connection between both parties, it can improve self-esteem, also it is seen as an action that leads people to share happiness with their peers.

A bouquet means much more than just a group of flowers. It is linked to values such as respect, love, solidarity and together with this, they transmit profound messages both for the sender and for the recipient.

What is the current situation of florists in Singapore?

In difficult times like the ones we are experiencing this year, flowers can be that detail that brightens the day and makes us feel that everything would be fine, but how to buy or give flowers from home?

Fortunately, Singapore has a large number of florists that can take the order and deliver online and ensure that the flowers do not get wilted or battered into the hands of their customers. There are even stores available 24 hours a day and some others that are in charge of not only selling flowers but also floral arrangements, hampers, and gifts to make everything more special. Among them, we have:

Far East Flora


Little Flower Hut






and a lot more.

How to choose the best florist?

To find the best florist, you must take into account some aspects. For us, the most important are:

 - Scope: A good florist offers its services in different parts of Singapore.
 - Channels: We also consider that a good florist should have several channels to sell their products such as social networks and a website.
 - Public: The best florists not only deliver flower arrangements to individuals but also to companies, events, and corporations.
 - Delivery time: A good florist should have delivery services for the same day of purchase.
 - Guarantees: No one wants their flowers to arrive spoiled, for that reason, a good florist should offer satisfaction guarantees and refunds.

The benefits you can get from florists are countless. Dare to buy flowers, either for yourself or as a gift, and take advantage of all the good that the beautiful world of flowers in Singapore has to offer.