Tips to Manage your Public Speaking Anxiety and Stage Fear

Tips to Manage your Public Speaking Anxiety and Stage Fear

We all have gone through that moment right before our turn to go on stage when we can actually feel like butterflies flying in our stomach. It is often said that being too nervous can often cause a negative impact on the audience and cause you to forget parts of your speech or freeze on stage.

Here are five important tips to manage your public speaking anxiety and overcoming stage fear before your important speech.

Breathe: Just before you walk up on stage, take two deep breaths. Breathe through the nose – fill your lungs with air – and then slowly exhale from the mouth. This technique helps relax your body and mind.

Power Poses: According to Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Business School researcher, practice using open body gestures such as arms spread wide while standing upright, it helps release hormones which are responsible for reducing stress, anxiety and negative thoughts.

Do not rush to begin: When you arrive on stage, take a pause. Look at the audience and try to find some familiar or friendly faces and speak as if you are conversing with them. 

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse: Before you are due to present on stage, practice your content so many times that you internalize your content instead of memorizing it. 

Do not try to memorize the content: Better than memorizing the content, build an outline of your speech in your head and speak around that. In case you forget something – just move on. 

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