Roblox World Zero Gamelog - July 05 2019

Roblox World Zero Gamelog - July 05 2019


Roblox World // Zero Gameplay! I am a powerful MAGE, Exploring the endless world in the game! LOUD WARNING!

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0:01:55 Lets get started! Earth Crabs!
0:03:31 Reached Level 2! Time to equip my Sunlight Staff!
0:04:25 Grass Cobra!
0:05:17 Toucans!
0:06:36 Found a Chest in this house!
0:07:29 Another Chest up on this hill!
0:07:36 I leveled up and got a new skill! Icicle Field!
0:09:18 Checking out a city we found!
0:11:53 Boarwolf!
0:14:16 Going through a cave portal!
0:14:55 Another cave portal!
0:15:30 Found the spawn and a Gravetower Raid - my level too low to go to raid!
0:18:56 A chest outside this windmill house!
0:19:44 MobPoisonCobra!
0:20:00 Another Cave Portal!
0:20:47 Quillodile!
0:22:52 I see a chest! Needs to figure out how to get up there!
0:24:42 We got to the chest!
0:26:28 We found another chest!
0:26:55 CHOCOLATE didn't follow the instruction!
0:27:48 Found another Chest!
0:29:15 Ok enough exploring, we going back to Cresent Cove!
0:31:58 I reached Level 5! I can use my Ruby Staff!

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-- World // Zero Alpha By RedManta Project 3

-- About World // Zero Alpha
Welcome to World // Zero! Fight fearsome foes and go on an epic adventure.
- Frostfire Mage class added
- Level cap increased to 30
- New town & raid in Crescent Cove!
- Volcano Raid moved to new jungle map
The King Crab & Goblin Knight minibosses have rare drops :)

Roblox World // Zero Alpha Created 1/8/2019, Updated 6/30/2019, Max Players 12, Genre RPG. (Online Multiplayer Game, #WorldZero)

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Roblox Robloxia World Gameplay! HOUSING! Glitchy Decorating and Working for little money! -

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