Roblox Work at a Coffee Shop Gamelog - September 17 2018

Roblox Work at a Coffee Shop Gamelog - September 17 2018


☕ Roblox Work at a Coffee Shop Gameplay! Working for MONEY and Decorating my HOUSE! - LOUD WARNING!

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0:00:37 Bought the Starter Pack!
0:01:55 Doing the Barista Job and I GOT STUCK BEHIND THE FRIDGE DOOR!
0:04:46 I don't know why my shirt is missing so trying out the avatar editor in the game!
0:05:39 Trying out the Cashier Job - Serving so many of my twins!
0:07:13 Back to the Avatar editor!
0:12:07 Going to check out my house in the game!
0:13:08 LOST CONNECTION! Have to rejoin the game!
0:15:44 Reconnected to the game and back to my House DECORATING!
0:19:50 Going to the Dealership to check out the cars there and spawning my car!
0:24:46 Now time to do the TOILET / Bathroom!
0:25:33 Opps my bathtub is too BIG for my small toilet!
0:29:26 Driving to work!
0:29:55 Found the supplier place!
0:30:58 Rushing back to workplace!
0:31:57 Checking out the TOY STORE!
0:47:30 Dancing and goofing around in the cafe!

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-- Roblox Work at a Coffee Shop by Mocha Madness

-- About Work at a Coffee Shop!
In Work at a Coffee Shop, you can become a barista and do different jobs around the restaurant! You can take orders, make drinks, deliver the orders to the customers, or help fill the restaurant up with supplies! Use your cash to buy cars, customize them, buy new homes, and fill them with furniture that best fits your personality!
When you're not working, host your own party at Party Island, make it rain money, or go to the club!

Roblox Work at a Coffee Shop Created 4/12/2018, Updated 9/17/2018, Max Players 12, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #WorkataCoffeeShop)

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Roblox Work at a Coffee Shop Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim September 2018 Gamelog / #ChloeLim Channel / #WorkataCoffeeShop, #Roblox


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