Roblox Wizard Simulator Gamelog - August 22 2019

Roblox Wizard Simulator Gamelog - August 22 2019


???? Roblox Wizard Simulator Gameplay! 3 Codes! Working as a party team and getting to the Wilderness Area! Loud Warning!

Code 1 : release
Code 2 : daireb
Code 3 : wisdomclock

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:01:35 Shout out to CoolAJ2010!
0:02:23 Codes Time!
0:03:06 You have to get to level 10 and win the boss fight at this world to get access to the Wolf Village!
0:04:03 Continue with my quest from Big Tony in the Beginner Cave!
0:05:41 Great Green Slime!
0:09:42 I got a new spell!
0:11:29 Giant Spiders!
0:13:47 I unlocked a Rare Water Staff!
0:14:27 Getting a pet Chest!
0:17:50 Finally! Level 22! I can go into the next area! Wilderness!
0:18:50 New Quest from Lumberjack Luke!

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-- Wizard Simulator By Polaris Studios

-- About Wizard Simulator
Welcome to Wizard Simulator. ????
Unlock new spells, staffs, pets and more to become the strongest wizard in the world!
Defeat powerful bosses ???? and find secret treasures ???? on your adventure!

Roblox Wizard Simulator Created 4/19/2019, Updated 8/21/2019, Max Players 12, Genre Medieval. (Online Multiplayer Game, Wizard Simulator, Codes)

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