Roblox Tree Planting Simulator Gamelog - July 07 2019

Roblox Tree Planting Simulator Gamelog - July 07 2019


???? Roblox Tree Planting Simulator Gameplay! 8 CODES! Planting Strange but amazing trees! Loud Warning!

Code 1 : blue
Code 2 : obby
Code 3 : trees
Code 4 : brite
Code 6 : PenguinSquad
Code 7 : 1mvisits
Code 8 : 1000trees

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0:03:41 Codes Time!
0:05:03 Skipping the basic starter sapling and going for crape Myrtle Tree as my first tree!
0:06:01 Planting my first tree!
0:07:15 Emm what's that growing on the tree?
0:08:40 Time to buy my second tree sapling - Pink Saucer Magnolia Tree!
0:11:40 It's a UFO TREE!
0:13:09 Third Tree Sapling - Green Golden Honeylocust Tree!
0:15:41 Fourth Tree Sapling - Corkscrew Willow Tree!
0:16:44 Why does this tree looks half grown or dead?
0:17:31 Fifth Tree Sapling - Pink Stellar Dogwood Tree!
0:20:40 Sixth Tree Sapling - Birch Tree!
0:22:05 Seventh Tree Sapling - Oak Tree!
0:24:01 Eighth Tree Sapling - Autumn Blaze Maple Tree!
0:25:49 Ninth Tree Sapling - Multicolor Oleander Tree!
0:26:29 Going to go explore the map!
0:26:46 Wait we found something!

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-- Tree Planting Simulator By #TeamTrees

-- About Tree Planting Simulator
Welcome to Tree Planting Simulator! ????
????  Plant awesome unique trees, collect seeds that drop from them, and sell the seeds to buy items to plant better trees even faster!
????  25% of the proceeds from this game will be converted into USD and go straight into the Arbor Day Foundation as part of the #TeamTrees campaign to help plant 20 million trees! For every dollar we raise, one tree will be planted. Check out the Team Trees sign in the game to see how much money we raised so far! The rest of the game earnings will support the dev team members who will continue to work on it to keep it new and exciting!
Coming Soon:
???? Rebirth Shop!
???? New trees and tools!
????️ New Area!
???? Pets?

Roblox Tree Planting Simulator Created 10/15/2019, Updated 11/25/2019, Max Players 8, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Tree Planting Simulator, Codes, Team Trees)

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Roblox Tree Planting Simulator Gameplay / Chloe Lim November 2019 Gamelog / #TreePlantingSimulator / #Codes / #TeamTrees


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