Roblox Time Travel Adventures Gamelog - July 20 2019

Roblox Time Travel Adventures Gamelog - July 20 2019


???? Roblox Time Travel Adventures Gameplay! Wild West! Dramatic Ending! Different from the rest of the maps! LOUD WARNING!

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0:03:41 1885 Arizona!
0:06:42 Bandits!
0:07:28 We did it, we killed all the Bandits!
0:08:54 Staying for the night at Peter's Inn!
0:10:12 We see the Artifact Axe behind the wall!
0:10:27 GHOST and Peter's Dead!
0:10:52 We had to pick a player to sacrifice to the ghost! I didn't vote because my screen was stuck!
0:11:32 I accidentally glitched out of the room door!
0:12:18 In the Saloon!
0:13:15 Duel time! I died but somebody got the bandit!
0:15:51 In the warehouse stealing TNT!
0:17:03 Me and Chocolate's the only ones left!
0:18:02 Time to blow up the bridge!
0:20:04 RAGE OBBY!
0:23:29 I did it and GHOST!
0:24:52 We found the Gem!
0:25:38 We got locked up in jail!
0:26:25 We escaped!

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-- Time Travel Adventures! Wild West By Splitting Point Studios

-- About Time Travel Adventures
Welcome to Time Travel Adventures!
New Wild West Map!

Roblox Time Travel Adventures Created 5/29/2019, Updated 7/19/2019, Max Players 48, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, TimeTravelAdventures, WildWest)

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