Roblox Teddy Gamelog - March 02 2021

Roblox Teddy Gamelog - March 02 2021


In this video, I am playing Roblox Teddy! I will show you how to unlock everything and escape the new Chapter 3 Toy Store Map!

There are currently three chapters in the game: Chapter 1 Daycare Centre, Chapter 2 Camp Grizzly and the New Chapter 3 Toy Store Map!

A giant life sized cuddly teddy bear, but something doesn't seem quite right...

The game is sort of like Piggy game. Each round, players are given the role of survivor or Killer / Teddy. The objective of the survivors is to unlock the exit and escape before the timer runs out, while avoiding the Killer Teddy. The objective of Teddy is to kill to prevent survivors from escaping. It is a survival game, with two game modes - player or bot. 

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:

0:01:33 Chapter 3 Toy Store Intro Cutscene!

0:02:18 Why is my name tag stuck inside the store room?

0:02:35 Green Key for this counter!

0:02:45 Pink Key for the Ladies Toilet!

0:03:10 Hammer is needed in quite a few places! First one is here in the conveyor belt machine room!

0:03:42 Wrench also for this conveyor belt machine! I saw a black key dropped out of the conveyor!

0:04:20 Hammer is needed for the Exit door and the counter beside it!

0:04:41 We need the Hammer and the Red key for this door!

0:05:17 Teal blue key for this chest!

0:06:10 Yellow key for this garage door!

0:06:29 Battery for this robot which I don't know what it does!

0:06:53 Purple key for this chest in the garage!

0:07:09 Silver key for the EXIT!

0:07:28 Blue Key for this blue door near the robot!

0:07:31 Black key which dropped out of the conveyor should be in that pile of toys! To open the chest in the same room!

0:07:52 Key code for the exit door!

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-- Roblox Teddy [Alpha] CHAPTER 3 By GnomeCode

-- About Teddy [Alpha]

A giant life sized cuddly teddy bear, but something doesn't seem quite right...

I made this game as part of a series of videos on my yt channel - check them out!


Teddy is still in Alpha, this means you may encounter bugs, glitches or things breaking. If the game shuts down, that means I'm updating it. If something is wrong, then let me know so I can fix it!

Roblox Teddy [Alpha] Created 10/31/2020, Updated 2/28/2021, Max Players 6, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, Teddy, Chapter 3, Toy Store Map)

-- Yesterday Gamelog


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