Roblox Sushi Tycoon Gamelog - August 14 2018

Roblox Sushi Tycoon Gamelog - August 14 2018


Roblox Sushi Tycoon Gameplay! 2 Codes! Making and Serving Sushi in my Sushi Restaurant! 

Code 1 : Zen
Code 2 : Tokyo

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0:00:55 Lets start building - A whole server of friends!
0:02:39 Selling fishes at the fish store and all my friends actually RP with me and came to buy fish!
0:07:42 Back to building my Tycoon Restaurant!
0:08:52 I'm making different types of Sushi!
0:12:06 Opening the two free mystery boxes - I got Boomerang and Roblox Frisbee!
0:13:22 Codes for 2 more free boxes! I got another Roblox Frisbee and Taco!
0:14:25 You have to click the customers and serve them!
0:16:00 Second Floor!
0:26:56 I can go fishing!
0:31:18 Swimming to the small island!

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-- Roblox Sushi Tycoon by Ultraw

-- About Sushi Tycoon
Upgrade your own Sushi Restaurant and make your own custom sushi.

Roblox Sushi Tycoon Created 7/4/2018, Updated 8/14/2018, Max Players 6, Genre Building. (Online Multiplayer Game, #SushiTycoon)

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Roblox Sushi Tycoon Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim August 2018 Gamelog / #ChloeLim Channel / #SushiTycoon, #Roblox


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