Roblox Submarine Story Gamelog - March 26 2020

Roblox Submarine Story Gamelog - March 26 2020


???? Roblox Submarine Story Gameplay! Infected with Barnacle Virus Sickness! Loud Warning!

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0:02:00 On board the Submarine!
0:03:13 Find your seats!
0:04:00 PIZZA TIME!
0:04:38 Looking for medkit for a crewmate who's sea sick!
0:05:55 A squid monster that only appears on TV!
0:06:14 Find and hide in the bathroom!
0:07:00 Submarine is flooding, board the windows!
0:08:47 I think a whale swallowed us!
0:08:56 Good Question, how to get out of a whale?
0:09:17 The game randomly chose a player to cook in the kitchen! WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!
0:10:34 Moral of the story! LEARN ENGLISH!
0:10:50 Eww Whale's Vomit! Find a gas mask in the storage room!
0:12:24 Cleaning time!
0:13:11 Oh no I have been infected with Barnacle Virus Sickness!
0:14:09 Captain fainted!
0:14:49 Finding the right switches and buttons!
0:15:53 Random player was selected to control the submarine! Will he sink it or surface it?

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-- Roblox Submarine [Story] By Remarkable Productions

-- About Submarine [Story]
???? Welcome to Submarine! This is a NEW story game, you take an exciting trip inside of a submarine and voyage through the seas! Nothing could go wrong under water...right? (New game expect minor bugs!)????
✨There are currently THREE different endings! Will you be able to see them all? More endings coming! ✨

Roblox Submarine [Story] Created 1/10/2020, Updated 3/24/2020, Max Players 45, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Submarine, Story Game)

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