Roblox Sponge Gamelog - May 25 2020

Roblox Sponge Gamelog - May 25 2020


⛵ Roblox Sponge! How to escape from both EXIT! New Chapter 3 Ghost Ship Map! Loud Warning!

In this video, I played Roblox Sponge [Alpha]! I will show how to unlock and escape from both Exits in the New Chapter 3 Ghost Ship Map! Instead of Piggy (Peppa Pig) it's Sponge Bob Square Pants character in this game! Can you escape the Sponge Bob? In this update there's also some new Skins!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:02:14 Lets start playing the New Chapter 3 Ghost Ship Map!
0:02:39 The red sail goes on top of this place!
0:03:06 Green key is for the room near spawn!
0:03:23 The wooden plank is for this place behind the red sail!
0:03:50 Purple key for this door!
0:04:19 Hammer is needed for both Exit door, I am trying to get the bottom Exit door first!
0:04:28 Yellow key for this GIANT Vault Door!
0:05:21 Silver white key for both Exit! I think when you used it on either one, both is unlocked!
0:07:12 Orange Key for this door!
0:07:16 If you want to open the bottom Exit door, take the wrench but if you want to open the top Exit door take the sword!
0:07:27 I used the wrench and escaped! Through the bottom Exit because it was nearer!
0:08:10 Ok lets do this one more time and unlock the top Exit!
0:10:11 Ok this time I choose the Sword instead of the wrench!
0:10:24 Give the sword to the ghost and he will give you a cannon ball! Put the cannon ball into the cannon and it will blast open the metal bars
0:11:43 It says we have not arrived at our destination yet! I think we have to put up all the sails!
0:13:07 Yes after all the sails are in place, the EXIT door is opened! We escaped!

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-- Roblox Sponge [Alpha] Chapter 3 By Gibland

-- About Sponge [Alpha]
Update: Chapter 3!!!
⛵New map, Ghost Ship!
????New Krabby Skin!
????3 brand new skin packs! (Check Shop)
????More realistic lighting across all maps!
????Bug Fixes!
Welcome to Sponge [Alpha]! Do you have what it takes to find out what happened?
????This game is currently in alpha, bugs are to be expected. If you encounter any please let us know!

Roblox Sponge Created 5/6/2020, Updated 5/23/2020, Max Players 6, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Sponge, How to escape, Update, New Chapter, Chapter 3, Ghost Ship map)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
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