Roblox Sleepover Gamelog - July 10 2019

Roblox Sleepover Gamelog - July 10 2019


Roblox Sleepover Gameplay! Sleepover at a friends house turns out BAD! LOUD WARNING!

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0:02:38 We reached David's House!
0:03:04 Party Time!
0:04:50 A Monster!
0:07:25 Oh we got Pizza!
0:08:07 Linus is Allergic to Peanuts!
0:12:14 The monster is back!
0:12:40 Maybe we should go on the bus and go home!
0:13:33 I found blood!
0:14:36 We are at the Basement!
0:15:29 I got the crowbar!
0:15:41 Dark and shaky Obby!
0:16:18 I did it! But there's only 3 of us left!
0:17:01 We found David!
0:18:35 Dark Maze!
0:20:46 We found the end of the Maze!
0:22:19 DAVID!
0:23:00 CHOCOLATE! with a Cube face!

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-- Sleepover By Crikyuu

-- About Sleepover
???? Welcome to Sleepover! In this brand new STORY GAME, you're invited, in a group of 8-12, to a sleepover at the new kid's house. With his parents out of town for the weekend, there's nothing that could possibly get in the way of your sleepover... or is there?

Roblox Sleepover Created 6/11/2019, Updated 7/6/2019, Max Players 70, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, #Sleepover)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Hiking Gameplay! I went Hiking and ended up ALONE at Mt. Robloxia! -

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