Roblox SAW Final Chapter Gamelog - Novvember 22 2019

Roblox SAW Final Chapter Gamelog - Novvember 22 2019


Roblox SAW Final Chapter Gameplay! Can I escape! Escape Room Game! Loud Warning!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:01:37 Oh this is like an Escape room game!
0:02:19 Opps Click the wrong button! Suppose to click the Square one!
0:02:52 You suppose to go into the furnace and click the number 353 to open the door! But somebody opened it before I did!
0:03:11 Do not go into this room, just go straight!
0:03:20 There's a trap wire, go around!
0:04:05 Click on this part of the wall and press the button!
0:04:30 I think it's the blue wire button!
0:04:44 Click this button to open a door!
0:05:03 The clue is the noob dolls on the shelf - only first one is standing up - so should be the first button!
0:05:51 No idea how to get through this but I quickly rush through while I was still spawning in the blue bubble and it worked!
0:06:16 Turn this wheel to open the door!
0:06:48 The second saw blades from the left opens the door!
0:07:37 Mistake, Do not go into this room!
0:08:40 Climb up and find a switch to open the next door!
0:09:24 You have to climb up there and go near enough to click the button in the machine without falling in!
0:10:58 Reached the end and I choose FREEDOM!

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-- Roblox SAW Final Chapter By Vibesgus

-- About Roblox SAW Final Chapter
The game is based on the Saw movie franchise. You have to escape deadly traps and stay alive until the end.
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Update 2.1
+ Added Shop!
+ Added Saw Maze
+ Added morphs to Jigsaw room
+ Added Map Detail
+ Remade the bucket trap room
- Removed Halloween decorations
- Removed Halloween Event
- Removed most of the healing tables because you can now but a medkit in the shop
- Removed some details
- Removed Sale and Vip server discount

Roblox SAW Final Chapter Created 1/3/2018, Updated 11/20/2019, Max Players 12, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, SAW Final Chapter)

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