Roblox Robot Simulator Gamelog - October 18 2018

Roblox Robot Simulator Gamelog - October 18 2018


Roblox Robot Simulator Gameplay! Building 4 cute robots, mining for gears and completing quests! Loud Warning!

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0:00:33 Jumping into the deepest I can go and found somebody!
0:00:52 Oh Canree will only let me pass if I win the battle with her robots!
0:01:26 Back to surface - Sell your gears here for money!
0:01:52 Back to mining gears
0:03:32 Building another Robot - Rosie!
0:05:14 Building another Robot - Chocolate!
0:06:36 Building another Robot - Cass!
0:08:16 You can only equip maximum 4 robots!
0:08:32 To upgrade your robots, click on the stats beside that robot and +!
0:10:41 Going to try out Battle! I actually won the battle!
0:11:57 Got to go repair my robots after the battle!
0:12:38 Upgrading my Pickaxe!
0:14:54 Another quest level - got to help Lilly find Mr Wuddles!
0:16:23 Found Mr Wuddles, now I need to bring it back to Lilly without dying!
0:18:48 Battle request CHOCOLATE! I LOST!
0:20:37 Back to more mining!
0:29:28 Helping Chocolate Help Cass find Mr Wuddles!
0:32:45 Checking out the shops to see if I can buy anything!
0:33:43 Trying to battle Steamo! I failed!
0:35:21 Repair time!
0:38:09 Battle with Chocolate again!
0:42:31 Trying battle with Steamo again but didn't know that one of my robots was killed by the evil robots in the mine!
0:50:30 Buying the Diamond Pickaxe!
0:51:03 Buying a common Gear Case!

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-- Roblox Robot Simulator by Robotever

-- About Robot Simulator
Explore the mine, battle the evil and build your own robots along the way.
Challenge or help other players. Customize your robots and teach them new abilities!

Roblox Robot Simulator Created 9/28/2018, Updated 10/12/2018, Max Players 9, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #RobotSimulator)

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