Roblox Robot Simulator Gamelog - 26 April 2018

Roblox Robot Simulator Gamelog - 26 April 2018

Roblox Robot Simulator Gameplay! - 3 CODES! CHICKEN ROBOT?

CODE 3 : r0b0t

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0:03:59 Level up again!
0:05:20 Level up while fighting!
0:07:00 I level up again!
0:08:23 I level up and became a CHICKEN XD!
0:09:40 I level up again and the Chicken is gone!
0:11:08 Another level up!
0:14:24 Level up!
0:16:50 Another level up!
0:18:43 Level up again!
0:20:15 I level up and Yoshiro joined us!
0:33:22 My target to get 200 Crystals for my turquoise trail!

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-- Roblox Robot Simulator by Straight

-- About #Roblox Robot Simulator
???? Practice and battle to be the most powerful robot in the Robot in the world! Team up with your buddies and dominate all in this action packed game!

Roblox Robot Simulator Created 4/5/2018, Updated 4/25/2018, Max Players 15, Genre Fighting. (Online Multiplayer Game, #RobotSimulator)

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