Roblox Robot Inc Gamelog - December 07 2019

Roblox Robot Inc Gamelog - December 07 2019


???? Roblox Robot Inc. Gameplay! All the Secrets in the Level 10 Area and UPDATE! Loud Warning!

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0:03:00 First thing from the update! The middle tall Tower is gone, it became a pit!
0:04:16 We are trying to capture the King of the Hill!
0:05:29 Did it! I am Queen of the hill! or Pit!
0:11:57 Getting the Diamonds in the junkyard!
0:12:37 Going to the Desert Wild West area for Level 10+!
0:13:46 This is the obby to the Diamond location in this area! There will be one or two bots guarding this diamond!
0:15:50 This is the save point!
0:16:13 Found a cave blocked up! Lets get inside!
0:16:34 IT'S A GOLD MINE!
0:19:06 Found a Chainsaw weapon up on this tower!
0:24:01 Now time to go back!

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-- Robot Inc. [Rebirths!] By Ninja Dolphin Games

-- About Robot Inc.
Welcome to Robot Inc! Build up your unique robot army, fight enemy robots, collect resources, and become the biggest robot factory around!

Roblox Robot Inc. Created 9/18/2019, Updated 12/5/2019, Max Players 8, Genre Comedy. (Online Multiplayer Game, Robot Inc., Update)

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