Roblox Rob The Mansion Obby Gamelog - September 27 2018

Roblox Rob The Mansion Obby Gamelog - September 27 2018


Roblox  Obby / Rob The Mansion Obby Gameplay!  Platform GONE in the gold mine stage! LOUD WARNING!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:24 Look at him talking XD - Lets get started!
0:01:38 Jumping over the fence into the mansion!
0:02:47 You have to make the plant grow by finding a watering can!
0:04:30 Found the Watering can!
0:05:02 Watered the plant and it became a giant sunflower plant!
0:05:12 I went into the MANSION!
0:05:43 I found a card inside of the broken egg!
0:05:57 Put the card in the computer inside this room! It opens a secret door under the teapot!
0:09:04 Entering the chimney thing to teleport to another place!
0:09:25 You have to step on the yellow button to activate red steps that will only last a while!
0:10:27 Push this lever for the teeth to open up on the giant's mouth (warning it only opens for a short time)!
0:12:08 Entering the Giant's Mouth!
0:15:31 Hop into the Mine Cart to travel to the next stage!
0:15:55 Reached the GOLD MINE Stage!
0:19:57 After a few tries the swinging platform is GONE!

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-- Roblox Rob The Mansion Obby by PlatinumFalls

-- About Rob The Mansion Obby!
So our task is to enter MR MC.RICH'S mansion and steal his treasure hidden deep in his mansion.
You must:
-Puzzle solve
-Avoid obstacles and traps
-Explore crazy words.
-Collect all the 'BUX' scattered around the mansion (BUX COLLECTOR BADGE)

Roblox Rob The Mansion Obby Created 12/23/2014, Updated 9/25/2018, Max Players 8, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #RobTheMansionObby)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
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