Roblox Recycling Simulator Gamelog - May 30 2018

Roblox Recycling Simulator Gamelog - May 30 2018


Roblox Recycling Simulator Gameplay! Code! Recycling and MINI GAMES!

Code : sorry4reset

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0:02:01 Getting a bigger backpack!
0:02:21 I dun like picking rubbish with my hands XD, I'm getting a Dust Pan!
0:03:26 Minigame time!
0:06:26 Recycling time!
0:10:38 Minigame time again Jacky joined us!
0:16:53 Upgrading my backpack again!
0:17:32 Minigame again!

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-- Roblox Recycling Simulator by Venomouz Inc ®

-- About #Recycling Simulator
Welcome to Recycling Simulator!
Ever wanted to be a person to save the world?
The one who likes to help out the economy?
Welcome to paradise, We are a group of recyclers that help the world to go green!
We are happy you decided to come help us! Doing so you will be able to upgrade your tools, factories and more!

Roblox Recycling Simulator Created 2/2/2018, Updated 5/28/2018, Max Players 50, Genre Adventure. (Online Multiplayer Game, #RecyclingSimulator)

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Roblox Recycling Simulator Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim May 2018 Gamelog / Chloe Tuber Channel


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