Roblox Plate Frenzy Gamelog - August 12 2019

Roblox Plate Frenzy Gamelog - August 12 2019


Roblox Plate Frenzy Gameplay! Trying out a new game! Surprisingly FUN! LOUD WARNING!

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0:02:25 A round is still going on so lets try the obby!
0:04:16 No! The game teleport me when I almost made it again!
0:07:20 Trying out the Magical Crystal! Oh I got a badge for using it!
0:08:31 Round 2!
0:14:22 Opening a common crate! I got bacon floor!
0:15:30 Finally Making the obby!
0:16:22 Round 3!
0:21:27 I won!
0:22:02 Round 4!
0:26:02 Only me and MrChickenOfYT left in the round! A sweeper appeared and I won, cause he had lower health!
0:26:57 Round 5!
0:32:24 3 players left and who will win?
0:36:01 I almost won!
0:36:29 Getting an egg!
0:36:40 Round 6!
0:42:00 Getting some crates, another egg and a Fluffy Chat Tag!
0:45:09 Round 7!
0:49:33 This guy Killed me by killing himself!

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-- Plate Frenzy By cool hat

-- About Plate Frenzy
Welcome to Plate Frenzy! A game where you survive on a plate and try to be the last person standing. In this last-man-standing game, In order to survive, one must be smart, quick, and lucky. Team up with friends, fight for first, but trust no one.

Roblox Plate Frenzy Created 5/20/2019, Updated 8/11/2019, Max Players 25, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Plate Frenzy)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Mega Fun Obby Gameplay! Part 17 (stage 1000 to 1090) Have not played this for so long! -

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