Roblox Pick A Side Gamelog - April 27 2019

Roblox Pick A Side Gamelog - April 27 2019


Roblox Pick A Side Gameplay! Getting the Egg of Eggcellent Choices! Easter Egg Hunt 2019! LOUD WARNING!

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0:02:00 Round 1 - Be a Cat or a Dog?
0:03:26 Round 2 - Relive a specific moment or Recreate a random moment?
0:04:34 Buying a laser gun!
0:04:59 Round 3 - Have your face on the $1 bill or $100 bill? Special round - Obby!
0:06:36 Round 4 - Eat 40 quaters or 10 $100 bills of your own money?
0:07:52 Round 5 - Write a book or Paint a picture? EGG ROUND!
0:09:21 Our team won and I got the Eggcellent Choices Egg!
0:09:46 Round 6 - Eat nothing but Ketchup or Mustard for a week? I have a reason for choosing mustard!
0:10:59 Round 7 - Be a famous Youtuber or Singer? YOU KNOW MY ANSWER!
0:12:15 Round 8 - Chocolate or Vanilla? LOL! Special round - Obby!
0:13:56 Round 9 - QUESTION TOO LONG! JUST WATCH IT! Everybody on the server chose the same answer!
0:14:43 Round 10 - Have no family or no friends?
0:15:55 Round 11 - Only Speak Haiku or in Song Lyrics? What's Haiku? EGG ROUND!
0:17:38 Round 12 - Long question again! Just watch it XD!
0:18:59 Round 13 - Never play computer games again or Never watch any video on a computer again? I CAN STILL WATCH VIDEO ON OTHER DEVICE! EGG ROUND!
0:20:51 Round 14 - I give up on this question! BYE!

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-- Roblox Pick A Side By SirMing

-- About  Pick A Side
Answer life's hardest questions. Fight for your opinion and meet like-minded players!
Right and wrong. Good and evil. Sadly, these blend and blur. Where do you see the line?

Roblox Pick A Side Created 2/20/2017, Updated 4/18/2019, Max Players 16, Genre Town and City. (Online Multiplayer Game, #PickASide)

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