Roblox Ninja Simulator 2 Gamelog - July 31 2018

Roblox Ninja Simulator 2 Gamelog - July 31 2018


Roblox Ninja Simulator 2 Gameplay! 5 Codes and SORRY I'M a NOOB in the game!

Code 1 : Release
Code 2 : Sasuke
Code 3 : Kunai
Code 4 : Silentninja
Code 5 : Shuriken

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:26 Codes Time!
0:03:05 Starting to explore the game!
0:04:11 Health spring fountain!
0:04:21 NOODLE FARM!
0:05:39 Found meh head on the stone wall XD!
0:06:44 Eating meh noodles!
0:07:40 Beautiful Flower with a Unicorn bug in it XD!
0:08:10 Checking out the tree house or Rock Wall House!
0:09:55 Chocolate has a new hair - well same hair but different colour!
0:13:28 Found a quest in the sushi store!
0:14:10 Found another quest in the noodle store! Kulbid Joined us!

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-- Roblox Ninja Simulator 2 by Buck-A-Boo Games

-- About Roblox Ninja Simulator 2
???? Become the deadliest ninja in all of Roblox by training and fighting your way to the top!

Roblox Ninja Simulator 2 Created 6/1/2018, Updated 7/30/2018, Max Players 16, Genre All.

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