Roblox Ninja Legends Gamelog - December 02 2019

Roblox Ninja Legends Gamelog - December 02 2019


⚡ Roblox Ninja Legends Gameplay! Secret Codes and New Midnight Shadow Island! Loud Warning!

Code 1 : flyingninja500
Code 2 : epicflyingninja500

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:02:07 Location of the secret code!
0:02:42 Code and shout out time!
0:03:45 Going to the new Midnight Shadow Island!
0:04:54 There's also a new limited time Crystal - Infinity Eclipse Crystal!
0:05:07 Opening lots of these crystals for pets!
0:06:32 Pausing for a while to combine my pets!
0:08:26 Another Pause for combining pets!
0:11:19 Combining some pets again!
0:12:45 Now to Eternalize some of them!

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-- Ninja Legends By Scriptbloxian Studios

-- About Ninja Legends
- X2 COINS & CHI WEEKEND! Gain stats fast before Monday!
- NEW ISLAND! Can you reach Midnight Shadow Island?
- 2 New Training Areas (Light & Dark)
- NEW x3 Pet Clones Gamepass! (Get x3 of every Pet you open from a Crystal!)
- NEW LIMITED TIME 'Infinity Eclipse Crystal' - find it near the spawn!
- 25 NEW SWORDS! Unlock from the new Island!
- New Belts
- New Skills
- New Rank
- New 'Midnight Shadow Chest'
- The Legends Crystal has finally disappeared
- The Eternity Crystal will disappear next update, unlock the pets before then!
- Leaderboards go above 9.22Un

Roblox Ninja Legends Created 9/22/2019, Updated 11/30/2019, Max Players 20, Genre Fighting. (Online Multiplayer Game, Ninja Legends, Secret Codes)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Robot Inc. Gameplay! [OPEN BETA]! Wow I'm surprised how fun this game is! -

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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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