Roblox Moving Day Gamelog - February 20 2020

Roblox Moving Day Gamelog - February 20 2020


???? Roblox Moving Day Gameplay! [Story] Both Good and Bad Ending! Loud Warning!

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0:02:07 Arrived at our new house!
0:02:54 Choose a food! Nope there's no poison!
0:04:07 Ice Cream!
0:05:22 Find the power box! I remember I saw one in the master bedroom toilet!
0:05:40 The key is right here!
0:08:28 MONSTER!
0:10:17 Leaving the house!
0:11:24 It's a trap!
0:12:26 Choose a path!
0:13:01 Obby!
0:13:39 Timed Maze!
0:15:20 We chose Mike!
0:16:13 We got the Good ending!
0:16:55 Doing this again to get a Bad Ending!
0:18:08 Chocolate tricked everyone to choose Bad Ending!

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-- Roblox Moving Day [Story] By Scriptly Studios™

-- About Moving Day [Story]
???? Welcome to Moving Day, You and a group of 6-12 will be moving in with your best friend Mike. Will things work out?
???? WARNING: This game may contain scary scenes and flashing lights.

Roblox Moving Day [Story] Created 8/26/2018, Updated 2/17/2020, Max Players 70, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, Moving Day, Story Game)

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