Roblox Mining Simulator Gamelog - May 2 2018

Roblox Mining Simulator Gamelog - May 2 2018


Roblox Mining Simulator Gameplay - 4 New CODES / INFINITY BACKPACK and BLOXY AWARD!

CODE 1 : JellyBean
CODE 2 : GummyBears
CODE 3 : Coal
CODE 4 : Pumped

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0:02:39 Trading With Chocolate!
0:03:11 I'm getting the INFINITY BACKPACK!
0:05:09 Going on my next quest - red rock and glowstone!
0:11:24 Next Quest for Lavastone and Sapphire!
0:21:51 Next Quest for Quartz and Copper!
0:27:23 Getting a new tool - BLOXY AWARD!
0:29:53 Next Quest for Krixanium and Lavastone!

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-- Roblox Mining Simulator by Runway Rumble

-- About #Roblox Mining Simulator
Welcome to Mining Simulator! Team up with your friends to hunt and dig through the mines. Strike diamonds, treasure, and become rich!

Roblox Mining Simulator Created 2/13/2018, Updated 4/27/2018, Max Players 10, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #MiningSimulator)

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Roblox Mining Simulator Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim April 2018 Gamelog / Chloe Tuber Channel


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