Roblox MeepCity Gamelog - October 24 2018

Roblox MeepCity Gamelog - October 24 2018


???? Roblox MeepCity Gameplay! TRICK OR TREAT in Meepcity and buying all the new Halloween Limited Furniture! Loud Warning!

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0:00:15 Check out all the Halloween Decoration on the houses in the neighborhood!
0:01:09 Checking out the shop for the new Halloween furniture! WE NEED CANDIES??
0:02:01 Turning back to a kid to trick or treat!
0:02:44 The under-construction place became a Haunted House but it's still not open yet!
0:03:08 MISSION 1 - try to sneak into the Haunted House!
0:03:56 Wishing Well - Humm makes a wish!
0:05:43 I trick or treated at my own house - my witch mom answered the door and gave me candy!
0:08:32 We can trick or treat in a group, all of us can get candy at the same time at each house!
0:09:16 A Vampire SUDDENLY Appeared and spooked us LOL - aka Gamerpinapple123!
0:14:16 Oh you can also buy those furniture with meep coins -I'm buying all of them!
0:19:22 Making a small spooky room in my school!
0:22:53 Wow we got a Vampire in the room right after I decorated it!
0:24:21 There's a glitch in my school's girl's toilet - we can change into our uniform in the toilet!
0:24:51 Changing into a tiny teacher from my mannequin!
0:25:39 First a short Science demonstration!
0:26:30 Now a short Math Lesson!

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-- Roblox MeepCity By alexnewtron

-- About MeepCity
- ????It's Halloween in MeepCity! Go Trick or Treating in the neighborhood with your friends and earn candy! Equip the FREE Candy Basket toy to get started!
- Buy exclusive October only items this season with candy you earn!
- Haunted House coming soon...

Roblox MeepCity Created 2/25/2016, Updated 10/22/2018, Max Players 110, Genre Town and City. (Online Multiplayer Game, #MeepCity)

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