Roblox MeepCity Gamelog - October 16 2018

Roblox MeepCity Gamelog - October 16 2018


Roblox MeepCity Gameplay! Bye to my School & Hello Gingerbread House! New Cool Avatars! Loud Warning!

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0:01:15 Going to buy the Gingerbread House Blueprint!
0:02:16 Saying bye to my school!
0:03:15 Loading the new Gingerbread Estate House!
0:04:37 Starting on our bed room!
0:05:18 Buying some of the Holiday Furniture and Decorations!
0:06:33 Now for the Main Hall!
0:07:02 Now for the Kitchen!
0:07:25 Chocolate burnt our food!
0:10:14 There's Elfs, Santa and Gingerbread man in my house!
0:10:51 OK I have to check out the new Avatars!
0:12:38 Let me get back to decorating!
0:12:43 Now the Toilet!
0:13:31 Wait We need a Christmas TREE!
0:15:54 Going to check my mail box for gifts!

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-- Roblox MeepCity By alexnewtron

-- About MeepCity
It's Winter in MeepCity! Throw snowballs and check out some of the new estate blueprints and furniture!

Roblox MeepCity Created 2/23/2016, Updated 12/24/2018, Max Players 120, Genre Town and City. (Online Multiplayer Game, #MeepCity)

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