Roblox Lucky Block Battlegrounds Gamelog - February 19 2020

Roblox Lucky Block Battlegrounds Gamelog - February 19 2020


❓ Roblox LUCKY BLOCK Battlegrounds Gameplay! From Fighting to SELLING FAST FOOD! Loud Warning!

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0:02:03 Lets get started by collecting some Lucky Blocks!
0:03:35 Riding on cloud!
0:11:34 Dragon Lady!
0:13:42 Chocolate froze Linus!
0:18:48 We almost killed Linus's Llama!
0:21:06 My inventory is so full!
0:21:42 Throwing Competition!
0:24:11 OOF I died and lost all my gears!
0:26:08 I turned Purple and speedy!
0:27:43 Time to turn on each other!
0:29:11 No don't watch this part!
0:30:03 The start of the fast food sales lady!
0:31:52 Now to sell burgers!
0:33:28 I actually killed someone with feeding them burgers!
0:35:52 I'm a BUNNY still selling burgers!

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-- Roblox LUCKY BLOCK Battlegrounds By silky_dev

-- About LUCKY BLOCK Battlegrounds
- ???? Rainbow Blocks Added!
- ????New Music!
- ⚔️New Gear!
- ⚙️Bug Fixes!
????Team up and battle your friends, collect gear from Lucky Blocks, storm the Battleground, and become victorious!

Roblox LUCKY BLOCK Battlegrounds Created 2/19/2017, Updated 2/12/2020, Max Players 8, Genre Fighting. (Online Multiplayer Game, LUCKY BLOCK Battlegrounds)

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