Roblox Ice Cream Simulator Gamelog - November 12 2018

Roblox Ice Cream Simulator Gamelog - November 12 2018


???? Roblox ICE CREAM SIMULATOR Gameplay! [????Surprise!] 5 New Codes! UNICORN PET! My OBBY SIMULATOR! LOUD WARNING!

Code 1 : failure
Code 2 : holymoly
Code 3 : expensive
Code 4 : gacha
Code 5 : mushy

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:47 New Pet egg machine in Sky land!
0:01:46 I need new pet food for my Unicorn Pet!
0:02:58 Codes Time!
0:04:16 Spinning the fairy wheel for the day!
0:05:16 Mischief Portal - Obby! Unlocked the Hot Fire Flavor!
0:07:40 Doom Portal - Obby! Unlocked the Dew Flavor!
0:09:26 Sky Tower Obby level 1! Unlocked the Sky Berry Flavor!
0:11:25 Sky Tower Obby level 2! Unlocked the Sugar Berry Flavor!
0:13:59 Sky Tower Obby level 3! Unlocked the Choco Berry Flavor!
0:15:42 Sky Tower Obby level 4! Unlocked the Lime Berry Flavor!
0:17:47 Sky Tower Obby level 5! I didn't make this one but I will!
0:18:52 Fire Pit Obby! Unlocked the Essence of Fire Flavor!
0:20:37 Water Cave Obby! Unlocked the Essence of Water Flavor!

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-- Roblox ICE CREAM SIMULATOR By Buck-A-Boo Games

-- About [????Surprise!] ICE CREAM SIMULATOR ????
???? Eat ice-cream to gain scoops and build the tallest ice-cream cone ever!
???? Sell your ice-cream cone to the Ice-Cream Man for coins to unlock new flavors, cones, obbies and areas!
???? Surprise Update! 11/10/2018
???? Pet Gachapon! Hatch the rarest pets using purple Tokens!
????️ Rebirth Board! Rebirth in multiples if you got the coins for it!
???? Pet Prestige! Buff your pet's stats in the Shop!
???? 5 New Magical Pets!
???? 5 New Rarest Winged Gift Hats! (Dominus Aquos)
???? 5 New Cones!
???? 5 New Flavors!
???? 5 New Popsicles!
???? Magical Hat Crate in Hat Shop! (Tier 7)

Roblox ICE CREAM SIMULATOR Created 9/30/2018, Updated 11/11/2018, Max Players 9, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #IceCreamSimulator)

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Roblox ICE CREAM SIMULATOR Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim November 2018 Gamelog / #ChloeLim Channel / #IceCreamSimulator, #Roblox


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