Roblox House Party Gamelog - July 31 2019

Roblox House Party Gamelog - July 31 2019


???? Roblox House Party Gameplay! Only one left in the game but lucky I still have my Potato Chips! LOUD WARNING!

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0:02:28 Hoped on the bus and it left with only me and Chocolate!
0:04:36 Finally arrived in the party house!
0:05:52 Intruder cut off the power!
0:06:44 Oh no Chocolate was caught!
0:07:11 FIRE!
0:07:59 Found the generator!
0:08:27 Found a secret door!
0:09:29 Sleeping gas!
0:09:45 Woke up locked in a basement room!
0:12:59 Found an invisible key! In the bucket!
0:13:47 Found the crowbar for the next door!
0:14:56 Opps I made too much noise and I got a badge for it!
0:16:16 Escaping the house!
0:16:48 The bridge is broken, lets try to cross by the cave!
0:17:13 Oh no the cave is collapsing! Times Obby!
0:17:54 I made it out but it's still shaking!
0:19:18 Oh no I can't use the trick, all up to luck now! Will I MAKE IT?

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-- House Party! By Revelted

-- About House Party
You are invited to a party hosted by your friend! Isn’t that super exciting? It’s going to be such a blast at a super fun party! You can stuff your face with cake, socialize with other people, and do fun activities! Who knows what exciting things can happen! So get ready for this party that is hosted by your good friend! Nothing wrong can happen to this party! Right...?

Roblox House Party Created 5/9/2019, Updated 7/3/2019, Max Players 20, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, House Party)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Dare To Cook Gameplay! NO PIZZA! Lots of soup and salads! Roblox trying to put me on a DIET! -

Let me know in the comment what game you would like to see me play.

I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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