Roblox Horrific Housing Gamelog - March 13 2019

Roblox Horrific Housing Gamelog - March 13 2019


???? Roblox Horrific Housing Gameplay! Two secret areas and I WON THE BLOXY AWARD! LOUD WARNING!

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0:01:36 Secret room number 1 - Behind this picture!
0:02:32 Second secret room - Behind the vending machine!
0:03:24 Round 1!
0:06:34 My house is made of CHEAP MATERIALS!
0:08:37 Round 2!
0:09:26 Oh no I'm on FIRE!
0:11:15 Round 3!
0:13:43 Round 4!
0:16:52 LOST CONNECTION! Part of the game's TROLL!
0:18:12 Round 5!
0:18:33 Flee the Facility! I hacked a computer, opened a vault and went underground!
0:21:18 Round 6!
0:22:48 Jailbreak and I rob ROBUX!
0:26:36 Round 7!
0:26:52 I'm Pickle Rick!
0:27:15 I won and unlocked the blue and pink house colours!
0:27:34 Round 8 With my new PINK HOUSE!
0:28:39 Me Murderer Vs Penguin Chocolate Sheriff!
0:29:25 Round 9!
0:32:13 Round 10!
0:32:48 OH NO My Floor Is Lava!
0:33:24 Round 11!
0:34:09 I won this round by hiding in my house!

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-- About Horrific Housing
Just for a bit of fun.

Roblox Horrific Housing Created 6/27/2015, Updated 3/11/2019, Max Players 10, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #HorrificHousing)

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