Roblox Ghost Simulator Gamelog - June 13 2019

Roblox Ghost Simulator Gamelog - June 13 2019


???? Roblox Ghost Simulator Gameplay! Getting Wisp Pet! Location of Gadget Fragments, Ghastly fruit and Shelly's Photo pieces! LOUD WARNING!

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0:02:44 Got this Hyperspace Hoverboard from Luna - after quest number 7!
0:03:23 Going for the Wild West's Obby for Clue Number 4!
0:04:56 Got the Fourth Clue!
0:05:40 The first Gadget Fragment is up on the tree behind LUNA!
0:06:07 Second Gadget Fragment up on this roof!
0:07:16 Third Gadget Fragment behind the Incinerator!
0:08:13 Fourth Gadget Fragment at the top of the ship wreck!
0:09:00 Fifth Gadget Fragment Behind the rock with the smiley face!
0:09:34 You actually need to open pet crate #1 90 times but I think I already did that 89 Times so I just need 1 more!
0:10:52 BEACH'S OBBY! For my last clue!
0:12:09 I GOT IT ON THE LAST SECOND! My Fifth Clue!
0:12:53 I got the Wisp PET!
0:14:07 Time for GHOSTLY ISLANDS!
0:14:37 LOCATION OF THE Ghastly Fruit - for number 15 of Shelly's Quest!
0:14:52 Oh lets fight the Mini Boss since it's here!
0:16:01 Hoverboard Time Trial! Obby!
0:17:18 I DID IT!
0:18:33 Shelly's Photo #1 - Behind the portal!
0:19:13 Shelly's Photo #3 - At the end of the Obby!
0:19:36 Shelly's Photo #6 - Beside this rainbow Sprout! (near butterfly ghosts)
0:20:01 Shelly's Photo #2 - Between these Rocks! (near pinwheel ghosts)
0:20:55 Shelly's Photo #4 - Mountain ledge just beside the Obby Entrance!
0:21:32 Shelly's Photo #5 - Near the Jester and Jelly ghosts Montain, hidden in one of the mountain ledge too!
0:22:21 I got the Flimsy Hoverboard!
0:22:59 Oh I need this Monkey boss for my Volcano Quest - Ghost Hunter Blaze Quests!
0:24:07 WOW that's a lot of Chests! THE NEXT QUEST IS PRETTY MUCH IMPOSSIBLE!

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-- Ghost Simulator By BloxByte Games

-- About Ghost Simulator
Welcome to Ghost Simulator! Ghosts have taken over the world, and it's up to you to stop them!
???? Capture ghosts
???? Upgrade your equipment
???? Unlock Pets to help you along your journey
???? Defeat Bosses who threaten the safety of the world
???? Unlock Hoverboards
???? Explore the biomes
???? Complete quests for rewards
???? UPDATE 4 ????
- The Rift is OPEN!
- New Powerful Pet Code: R1FT
- New Pet Crate
- New World: Ghostly Islands
- New NPC and Questline (Hoverboard+Extra Pet Slot)
- 3 New Vacuums/Packs
- New Gamepass: x2 Souls
- New Limited Hoverboard
- Introducing Minibosses!

Roblox Ghost Simulator Created 12/27/2018, Updated 6/9/2019, Max Players 12, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #GhostSimulator)

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