Roblox FunHouse Gamelog - September 05 2019

Roblox FunHouse Gamelog - September 05 2019


???? Roblox FunHouse Gameplay! [Story] A trip to visit the Joker's Fun House! I ended up all alone! Loud Warning!

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0:02:12 Arrived at the Joker's Fun House!
0:04:44 Monster!
0:05:13 The game glitched! I can't get into the toilet!
0:07:01 I'm not doing that, cause my health is less than half from not getting to safety in the toilet!
0:09:06 Searching for the Generator!
0:10:24 Need to find the 3 Materials to start the generator!
0:13:59 Puzzle! I have no idea how to solve it!
0:16:37 We found the body of the player!
0:17:57 We fell to the underground Sewer!
0:19:06 I escaped the sewer!
0:19:50 Chocolate got kicked from the server! I'm all alone now!

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-- FunHouse By Quirky Studios

-- About FunHouse
You and a phew other people have been chosen to visit the Joker's Fun House. This visit is held only once a year so consider yourself lucky. Don't worry this place is now safe and secure from any suspicious things the joker may of had up his sleeve before leaving it behind.
Joker Says: "Welcome, welcome one and all, to Joker's room of fun, mayhem and prizes. Let's see what trick awaits you on your visit ?"
- NEW 2nd Ending!!!!!
- New Lobby Revamp!
- Bug Fixes
- Small Map Updates

Roblox FunHouse Created 8/4/2019, Updated 8/31/2019, Max Players 50, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, FunHouse, Story)

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