Roblox Frosty Mountain Gamelog - July 07 2019

Roblox Frosty Mountain Gamelog - July 07 2019


❄️ Roblox Frosty Mountain Gameplay! We are going Ice Mountain Climbing! Loud Warning!

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0:01:15 Exploring the game lobby!
0:02:53 Getting on the Cable Car to the Frosty Mountain!
0:03:36 We arrived!
0:04:30 We have to find a lantern and a canteen!
0:06:07 Snow Storm!
0:06:57 Need to find a better shelter!
0:07:26 Obby!
0:09:05 Oh you need to unfreeze this guy first!
0:10:17 Well we are going after te Ice Monster!
0:11:49 Riding Minecart down the mine!
0:13:20 We found a Secret Base which says: Not a Secret Base!
0:13:38 Sorry you can skip this cringy singing part!
0:14:47 Found and saved Tori!
0:15:32 We have to destroy the core inside this frozen ice cave!
0:16:22 We need to go up that ice area to activate the TNT!
0:17:36 Chocolate's going to try to obby up to the TNT! She Made it!
0:18:50 Oh no the cave is collapsing! We need to get out!
0:19:17 Another Obby! Can I make it?
0:20:04 We are going to Continue our Journey!
0:21:03 Check out Chocolate's Face!

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-- Frosty Mountain By Pixel-bit Studio

-- About Frosty Mountain
❄️ Welcome to Frosty Mountain! ❄️
What used to be a normal mountain climb turned into a terrible disaster after you and your friends figure out the strange mystery of Frosty Mountain. Survive the mountain and leave nobody behind before it's too late!

Roblox Frosty Mountain Created 8/15/2019, Updated 8/21/2019, Max Players 40, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Frosty Mountain)

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