Roblox Frosted Paintball Gamelog - January 02 2020

Roblox Frosted Paintball Gamelog - January 02 2020


Roblox Frosted Paintball Gameplay! What! I was kicked for SPEED HACKING! Loud Warning!

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0:01:20 Joined a free for all round!
0:05:37 Placing a Snowman Sentry!
0:06:11 Round 2 - Teams!
0:10:18 Placing a Sentry on the boat!
0:11:03 I got Disconnected! I lost all my progress!
0:15:50 Trying out the Radar!
0:21:24 Buying the Snowy AR! New Round!
0:23:40 What! Why did I get kicked for SPEED HACKING???
0:27:38 I got Disconnected from the game again!

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-- Roblox Frosted Paintball By Frosted Studio

-- About Frosted Paintball
Fight friends and enemies alike in this epic snowball shooter game!
Sprint - Left Shift
Crouch - "C"
Slide - "C" while sprinting
You gain 50 health per kill.

Roblox Frosted Paintball Created 11/28/2019, Updated 12/16/2019, Max Players 14, Genre FPS. (Online Multiplayer Game, Frosted Paintball)

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