Roblox Elimination Tower Gamelog - March 25 2020

Roblox Elimination Tower Gamelog - March 25 2020


???? Roblox Elimination Tower Gameplay! Made it to Final 3! Fun and Exciting Game! Loud Warning!

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0:03:16 Lets Get Started!
0:04:30 Round 1 - Shoot Hoops!
0:07:20 Nomination time! I was Nominated!
0:08:25 Elimination Round - Paint the Sky!
0:09:28 I did it!
0:11:30 Round 2 - Bomb Ball!
0:13:56 Intense and loud moments before I WIN!
0:14:54 Time for me to Nominate some people!
0:16:03 Elimination round for my nominees!
0:17:53 Round 3 - Speed Skating!
0:20:24 Nomination time!
0:21:36 Elimination Round - Rocket Launch!
0:22:23 Chocolate got Launched out of the game!
0:23:09 Round 4 - Escape the Pyramid!
0:25:06 Nomination time again!
0:26:23 Elimination Round - Water Park!
0:28:17 My friend Toxic Inkling got Flushed out!
0:29:01 Round 5 - Tree Top Trail!
0:32:26 Too hard - Nobody made it but a winner is chosen on random!
0:32:55 Nomination time!
0:34:07 Elimination Round - Off the Rails!
0:34:56 Oh no Linus got into a Train Wreck!
0:35:35 Round 6 - Checkmate!
0:36:56 I won!
0:37:25 Nomination time, I couldn't click the button on Jeff so I choose random!
0:38:32 Elimination Round - Stunt Show!
0:39:02 Bacon Hair Drove into the river!
0:39:24 Final 3 and Final Round!

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-- Roblox Elimination Tower By Jambe Games

-- About Elimination Tower
The iconic Elimination Tower is back and is better than ever before. Win challenges and survive eliminations to make it to the end. Only one player will be crowned champion of the Elimination Tower.
At the start of each round, all players will participate in a challenge to determine who will be the Power Player. The Power Player will be responsible for nominating up to 4 players for the elimination.
The players in the elimination will compete in another challenge. The nominee who finishes last in this challenge is eliminated by the Elimination Tower in a unique style.
Ultimately, only one player will have what it takes to be crowned the champion of the Elimination Tower!

Roblox Elimination Tower Created 8/9/2019, Updated 3/19/2020, Max Players 12, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Elimination Tower)

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