Roblox Dr. Seuss Simulator Gamelog - December 20 2019

Roblox Dr. Seuss Simulator Gamelog - December 20 2019


???? Roblox Dr. Seuss Simulator Gameplay! THE GRINCH! 8 Working Codes! So much fun & no grinding needed! Loud Warning!

Code 1 : sneakyjugg
Code 2 : last2dye
Code 3 : MerryGrinchmas
Code 4 : winteriscoming
Code 5 : ethangamer
Code 6 : razorfishgaming
Code 7 : 1mvisits
Code 8 : greeneggsandham

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0:03:48 Codes Time!
0:06:12 Seuss World quests!
0:06:32 The Lemon Slide is not easy!
0:07:30 I got a Star Sneetch pet!
0:07:50 Going to the Whoville Grinch Event!
0:10:16 Got a pet reward and a badge for completing the Grinch event!
0:11:01 I unlocked trading! Trading with Chocolate!
0:13:18 Going to the Cannon!
0:14:48 Collecting the Star chest!
0:15:24 Doing the Maze now!
0:17:08 Going to the Dive next!
0:20:33 Going to the circus for tight rope walking!
0:25:11 Going back to the slide!
0:27:17 Going to try out the Green Eggs and Ham Train!
0:29:41 Time for hatching some Eggs!

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-- Dr. Seuss Simulator By Dr. Seuss Studios

-- About Dr. Seuss Simulator
The OFFICIAL Dr. Seuss game approved and licensed by Dr. Seuss!
Update 3.0, Dec 14, 2019
???? New Grinch Experience ???? Access the WHOVILLE portal (pet rewards!)
???? Use code "MerryGrinchmas"
???? New Limited Pets + 3 new secret pets
???? New hatching rewards system
Welcome to Dr. Seuss Simulator, a world where you can join the ????Circus McGurkus????, master a variety of circus acts, hatch, collect and trade your favorite Dr. Seuss pets and more!

Roblox Dr. Seuss Simulator Created 9/2/2019, Updated 12/18/2019, Max Players 15, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Dr. Seuss Simulator, THE GRINCH, Codes,)

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