Roblox Deathrun Gamelog - January 05 2020

Roblox Deathrun Gamelog - January 05 2020


???? Roblox Deathrun Gameplay! Collecting Snowflakes and Became Ghost after Death! Loud Warning!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:55 Round 1 - Safety First!
0:03:19 Got to the end but somebody else killed the controller first!
0:04:09 Round 2 - Jagged Junkyard!
0:06:30 Round 3 - Jagged Junkyard again!
0:09:32 Round 4 - Galactic Terminal - New Map!
0:12:33 Round 5 - Ice Cavern! I'm the Controller!
0:14:42 I won!
0:15:25 Round 6 - Ancient Jungle! Chocolate's the Controller!
0:18:21 Round 7 - Pirate Cove!
0:20:44 Round 8 - Isla Louca!
0:23:50 Teamers - Look up at the controller area!
0:25:09 Round 9 - Ice Cavern!

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-- Roblox Deathrun Holidays! By Team Deathrun

-- About Deathrun
Run through obstacle courses, avoid traps and slash the killer! Deathrun is a dangerous race through a ton of different maps, all with their own tricks and traps!
Latest additions:
NEW MAP ! Get ready to explore our newest space map
SEASON 2 is here! Collect Snowflakes and earn exclusive, never-seen before items before the Season ends! Amongst the items are exclusive trails, an ANIMATED LIGHTSWORD and plenty of GEMS!
???? "Best Lobby" BLOXY award
???? "Favorite maps" BLOXY award
???? "Favorite use of new features" BLOXY award
???? "Action game of the year" BLOXCon award

Roblox Deathrun Created 1/21/2015, Updated 12/26/2019, Max Players 15, Genre Adventure. (Online Multiplayer Game, Deathrun, Snowflake)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Brother Gameplay! Wow My brother has BAD ENGLISH! -

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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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