Roblox Creator Challenge Gamelog - November 16 2018

Roblox Creator Challenge Gamelog - November 16 2018


Roblox Creator Challenge! How to get PC Hat, Motherboard Visor & Book Wings for your Roblox Avatar!

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0:00:32 Starting Challenge 1!
0:01:16 Got the Classic PC Hat Item and Wordsmith Badge Award!
0:01:24 Starting Challenge 2!
0:02:01 Got the Motherboard Visor Item and Printer of the Pages Badge Award!
0:02:14 Starting Challenge 3!
0:02:40 Got the Book Wings Item and Story Master Badge Award!

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-- Roblox Creator Challenge By Roblox Creator Challenge

-- About Roblox Creator Challenge
Test your knowledge of the Roblox Creator Challenge here! Press Play to take the challenge. Return to the lesson after earning each badge.

Roblox Creator Challenge Created 11/6/2018, Updated 11/15/2018, Max Players 10, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #RobloxCreatorChallenge)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
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