Roblox Camping 2 Gamelog - July 07 2019

Roblox Camping 2 Gamelog - July 07 2019


⛺ Roblox Camping 2 Gameplay! Shall we go Camping! Yeah TOTALLY! Can we make it out alive? LOUD WARNING!

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0:02:15 Row Row Row your boat! Lets get going!
0:03:20 I found a lamp!
0:04:09 How nice a toilet that can't be used and a scary mirror!
0:05:55 Aw Man We got chosen to sleep at the campsite and not the Cabin!
0:06:37 Monster! Murderer!
0:07:11 Ok I think we are all save in the Cabin!
0:09:22 Oh we going Hiking on Pinewood Trail!
0:10:15 We did it and got a smores!
0:12:07 Oh no our campfire's out because of the rain!
0:12:26 We need to collect 5 wood!
0:12:43 Do not go near these trees with a face on it!
0:14:39 We found a rifle gun in the tent!
0:15:04 Oh I am the chosen one!
0:15:15 Shall I shoot Daniel? NAH!
0:17:05 Going into the Hole!
0:18:20 Eek Snakes!
0:18:50 Flood Escape!
0:18:55 The Murderer! Will we live?

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-- Camping 2 By SamsonXVI

-- About Camping 2
Welcome to the new Campgrounds! Today, you and your friends will embark on an incredible journey through a beautiful national park! Alongside your friends, and globally recognized Park Ranger Daniel, you will strive to become one with nature and find the true values that lie within the Camping experience. Have fun!
Camping 2 is also the official sequel to the original trendsetter of story games, Camping.

Roblox Camping 2 Created 5/20/2019, Updated 6/28/2019, Max Players 70, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, #Camping2)

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