Roblox Birthday Party 2 Gamelog - September 30 2019

Roblox Birthday Party 2 Gamelog - September 30 2019


???? Roblox Birthday Party 2 Gameplay! We are going on a Safari to celebrate my Belated Birthday! Loud Warning!

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0:02:18 Our Car Crashed!
0:03:36 I found a Cabin!
0:07:13 Heading to the cave!
0:07:53 Looking for gems to open the cave!
0:08:30 This looks like a hard obby!
0:09:34 Angry Tree Monster!
0:12:14 Puzzle!
0:13:35 Obby but we have to do it fast!
0:14:54 Another obstacle course!
0:15:48 Only me and chocolate made it though!
0:16:20 Found a cabin with a girl inside!
0:18:10 We were captured!
0:18:52 Another Obby!
0:19:34 We dropped into a control room!
0:23:14 We did it! We beat the Machine!

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-- Birthday Party 2 [Story] By TeamShady

-- About Birthday Party 2 [Story]
????Welcome to Birthday Party 2!????
A year following the tragic events from the Arcade, your friend, once again, invites you to to their Birthday Party. This time, it doesn't take place in an Arcade. Instead, it's in a rather unusual setting for a Birthday Party. That doesn't matter though, right? I'm sure nothing bad will happen.

Roblox Birthday Party 2 Created 9/22/2019, Updated 9/29/2019, Max Players 50, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Birthday Party 2, Story)

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